mould design

Our design engineers have extensive mold and part design experience. We have designed many complex molds with various part-release action, such as slides, lifters, unscrewing cores and cavities, swing-out cores, scissor-pull cores, etc. We have worked with our customers to design components and products as well as to modify the parts for manufacturability.

Extensive experience designing complicated molds – We have built many molds with cams/slides, unscrewing cores (on A and B sides), lifters, swing-out cores, scissor core pulls, etc.

Review of part design – Our engineers work with the customers to identify any changes that would improve manufacturability of the part without compromising the aesthetic appearance or the functionality.

Part design and modeling – Complete 3D modeling and design to your specifications. Our team of engineers will work with you to design your part from sketches, samples, or prototypes.

Our experienced engineer provide great expertise at a reasonable price, to help customers reach their goals.


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